3.5 mm jacks are REALLY out of style

I since a month or so have this HP 830 G5 EliteBook. Before this I had a MacBook Pro 13″ 2013.

The way I sometimes utilised the MacBook was to watch video while travelling together with others. And because it’s boring to watch alone I used this handy dandy 3.5 mm audio splitter to allow for the others to listen in on the same thing. Worked perfectly fine, if you can see through the occasional bickering about what volume level was appropriate.

Now, back to the EliteBook.

If we compare this evidence photo to the one at the start of this post, you’ll notice something a bit odd. The first one has my trusted Apple in ear headset plugged in. The other, the handy dandy audio splitter.

But. What’s that…? The headset seem to be snuggly huggling the computer case. But the splitter doesn’t seem to fit the same way, now does it?

And you’re right. The audio splitter doesn’t fit the same way. And believe you me, I have done a lot to see if I could force convince the thing to fit properly. It absolutely refuses. I’m denied of mine and my others group entertainment sessions.

So…. Wtf?

I’ve heard grim tales of 3.5 mm jacks being removed from phones. But I’ve never heard of a 3.5 mm jack refusing to have it plugged by a 3.5 mm equivalent plug!

How am I supposed to be able to acquire a splitter that fits to this monstrosity when there’s literally no way to search for a product based on “a 3.5 mm audio splitter that fits in a 3.5 mm jack”!?



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