About those “partners” of your service…

In the dying light of Google+, I got to know of a thread written by “Irreverent monk” that, in my opinion, need a long, hard discussion;

I’m not oblivious or ignorant as to why partners are there in the first place. I’m also not a believer in that all partnerships are bad.

I am, however, highly critical of the lack of transparency that comes along with the “partner package”.

I have and am developing apps and services myself, so I know of this area, and that everything isn’t always clear cut.

As a developer and maker of things, you often want users to become aware of and engage with your services, and a partnership can be an efficient way to reach that. But it’s up to you to vet and decide which ones you part we with. And that’s on you! Noone else can be blamed for your choice of partners; not your partners, not your users, not the store you publish your things on. Just you.

Now, with that out of the way, let’s say you found a partner that you want to collaborate with. Maybe you should ask them if you’re allowed to disclose who they are? And what they do? And how they provide benefits to you and/or your users?

If they say no, then maybe you should reconsider? I mean, you’d rather want your users to feel even more confident in that you’re not abusing them, right? So why not go the extra mile in securing that?

Disclosure can be good and bad. But in this case I can’t see a reason for why it would be the latter. I’d rather we, the makers, reach a disclosure best practice ourselves, rather than legislation thereof. It was a sad day when the need for GDPR arose and reached the point of having to be enforced, and I’d rather we avoid those situations in the future. I’m ok with it being enforced, though, if it comes to that.

Whaddya’ll think?


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