Here we go again; another day, another data breach.

This time it’s the photography centric website of 500px.

To be honest, I haven’t used it for anything since I first created my account, as I’ve many years ago come to terms with the fact that I want to keep moments, not 100gb a piece gargantuan sweeping electron microscope catalogs of pictures.

And today I got another reason for quitting it altogether. So, why not just delete the account while we’re at it, right?

But. What’s this? On the accounts page (that is horribly bad for mobile browsing), there’s a red button labelled “Deactivate account”.

Not “Delete”. Not “Terminate”. Not “You’re not quitting, you’re fired!”. It says “Deactivate account”.

So, what could this possibly mean? That it’ll get deleted after a grace period (you know, like the email newsletter unsubscribe pages where they asked you if you made a mistake. Yeah, I did make a mistake, by allowing you to contact me to begin with)? That it’s being cleansed of all data but the unique ID for posterity? That my account will not be used to run any more botnets?

I don’t know. Because it’s not saying anything else. Just “Deactivate account”. It’s so mysterious. Like it wants me to ask it so many questions; “What will happen now?”. “Are we good?”. “Will you release the hounds?”. “Say something more (YOU IDIOT), button”.

Maybe it’s working as intended. Maybe I _should_ contemplate long and hard about what this means. Maybe it’s a clever way of making me read the terms of service and privacy policy documentation? I mean, they are important documents (because they may tell you how the boys and girls behind the service screws you over).

Maybe I should feel like I’m not really in charge of my account? I mean, it’s not stored on my computer, now is it?

Or maybe, just maybe the asshat owners of these account harvesting websites could just tell me, up front why the actual frood they’re holding my account hostage!? And I’m not talking about some arbitrary reason like there being financial information stored that has to be kept. Because if I not even once made a monetary transaction or provided any payment details, there’s nothing that had to be kept.

If I can only make one individual out there become more aware of their digital footprint and that there’s actual implications and repercussions of registering to websites in this day and age, as well as making use of more disposable details (emails, name, the lots) whenever possible, this blog will have provided a value.

And 500px. If you’re listening; Stop it. I’m sure you have good intentions. But You’re helping no-one but yourselves in so many ways with this. How is not being able to fully remove an account helping your users? Because I assume it’s them you’re wanting to keep by not allowing them to leave cater to?

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