Having a few more social media options probably won’t hurt

WordPress logo and additional tools (pen, ruler, marker, etc)

Moving away from Google+ is a drag. There’s not really any well made alternatives yet that pick up the functionality and sense of community that defined G+.

So, I’m going to see what an age old technology such as a blog can do for me.

It’s if nothing else owned and run solely by myself, which means I can decide when and what to close down, add or modify.
The biggest challenge is engagement. There are of course features such as comments that can be enabled, but no-one wants to leave the comfort of their walled garden to go somewhere else just to read stuff. Also, so many clickbaits, spam and fradulent behaviours that’s been going on for so long make it hard to trust anyone linking anything these days.

However, it might not matter. This blog could still prove to be a valuable outlet. Maybe even the very thing that will survive the apocalypses that inevitably hit every community at some point.

I’ll be experimenting and typing out my findings.


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