MeWe – “public” posts

As a long time Internet and Google+ user I’ve grown accustomed to a certain level of, let’s call it outreach, when it comes to who can access the content I willingly and openly share.

In Google+ I had the choice of creating, or engaging in, public posts. What that means is that they’re searchable and reachable on The Internet, without requiring an account. Kind of like Twitter posts, if you will.

MeWe doesn’t currently have this feature or concept of it. There’s work being done that’s going to add the concept, but it’s still not going to embrace it in its entirety; they’re going to make it possible to set the status of a post to public, but it’s public within the walls of MeWe.

And here’s where I’m not gel’ing too well with MeWe. We’re essentially, by design and in purpose, creating content and having it kept within the confines of a service, with no way of sharing it to the world from that service, unless someone wanting to access the content has an account.

Some people will say “Use a blog for that!”, or “At least the data isn’t easily harvested and stolen this way!”, etc. But I don’t want to have to do that. Let me control what I want to put out in public. Let me decide that I want everyone to know that I own a bottle cap collection the size of a tanker because one day they’ll be worth all their weight in cryptocurrency the world isn’t flat!

I am using a blog now, but that’s not so much by choice than the force of hand because I don’t find another community having the tools and service provided that I need and want to use. I guess this is how the internet of communities work now; walled off pretty gardens or freely open not-so-pretty ones and tons of blogs in between.



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