Moving from one “social media” community to another – a journey

I started out with the intentions of writing one encompassing post about my currently ongoing search for a Google+ replacement, but very soon realised I needed to split this piece up in a few smaller chunks, because:

  1. Wall of text
  2. I would never finish the post

So, here’s the introduction, and I’ll follow up with a couple more as I write them. Gentlepeople, start your engines;

The beginning of the end (and another beginning… I guess?)

As a result of Google deciding to shut down their 10 year (or so) old ghost town Google+ for the general public (while still keeping it active for enterprises however weird that decision sounds), I’m looking for a new place to dwell/lurk/hide/move my spirit.

There are some reasons why I like Google+ so much:

  • The stream
  • The discussion format
  • Circles
  • Collections
  • Following things

Looking at these criteria, there’s at this point somewhere around 6 “viable” options:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Tumblr
  • Instagram
  • MeWe
  • Diaspora

Facebook has its moments but it’s heavily leaning towards catching up and keeping in touch with family and friends, and not so much about community and following in which there’s the deeper discussion topics. Their messaging format is also something I just find lacking. Lastly, they’ve had a more than fair share of weird business decisions driving their success, attached with equally weird justification for those decisions.

Twitter is a torrent of shout outs. Forget meaningful discussion. Or being able to edit things. It’s basically an outlet for tidbits of short blurbs aiming to reach as many as possible in as low an effort as possible. It’s ok for following things, but it’s gargantuanly shallow.

Tumblr. It’s like, a blog platform? Where you follow… Other blogs? And most are kind of in the shape of Twitter posts? Well, I’m confused and not gel’ing with it at all. Somehow Medium feels like the big brother to Tumblr, in a much more positive way.

If communication-by-pictures is a way to connect and engage, then I’m sure Instagram is the right choice. But, I’m not that much into photography that I’m feeling drawn to become a contributor to the extent that is required. Snapping an occasional photo with the phone and sharing that to some Facebook friends, doesn’t make an Instagram aficionado.

So, what about the (well) new kids; MeWe and Diaspora? I’m currently looking at that, and would like to describe what I’ve experienced while it’s still fresh in my mind, and what I see as strengths and weaknesses of each.

For the next posts I’m going to describe either MeWe or Diaspora, it’ll be a surprise which one gets published first. (Maybe Diaspora because that’s been a really short trip so far. We’ll see.)


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