Two Twitch streamers worth a mention

There be two Twitch streamers out there that have provided me with a sizeable number of hours entertainment.

The first one, who I stumbled across four or five years ago, who not only has my sense of humor, he’s also an Australian that is damn good at playing video games (most notably Dark Souls)! Why him, specifically, then? He’s a great entertainer in that he talks tons while playing games, and the sarcirony is huge with this one. So, go and say hi to Letofski.

The second one, whom I’ve not watched as much of yet, has a ton of videos on YouTube, and a couple of fixed scheduled streams, for instance Final Fantasy Friday, that make up a huge swath of entertainable hours when he’s not on stream gaming Dark souls. He’s also got a YouTube session recorded playing Undertale, one of the best games of modern time in my opinion, so be sure to check that out too. I present to you; LobosJR

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