Why do I have to repeat myself…?

The other day I was on a quest to connect a blog to Twitter. The idea is simple; Make a blog post, and have it automatically tweeted.

Now, doing this isn’t all that easy. WordPress has a few plugins to choose from, and you should at least choose one that make use of an API, to avoid providing actual Twitter account credentials such as usernames and passwords (because The Internet is a foul and bad place who lives for stealing your credentials).

In order to make use of Twitter’s APIs, you need to apply for an application in Twitter’s developer section. Doing this requires you to answer a number of questions, such as:

  • The core use case, intent, or business purpose for your use of the Twitter APIs
  • If you intend to analyze Tweets, Twitter users, or their content, share details about the analyses you plan to conduct and the methods or techniques
  • If your use involves Tweeting, Retweeting, or liking content, share how you will interact with Twitter users or their content
  • If you’ll display Twitter content off of Twitter, explain how and where Tweets and Twitter content will be displayed to users of your product or service, including whether Tweets and Twitter content will be displayed at row level or aggregated

So, being a good Netizen, I answer these questions. Oh, I should mention these questions are available in a form when you apply for an application. In a textarea. On the Twitter’s website. It says that one should answer these questions as thoroughly as possible, with as many details as possible, or the review may take longer. Ok, sure. So I did that.

A couple of hours pass. An email comes in. And in that email it says that Twitter are happy to see my application, but that it needs additional information about my use case. Here are the questions I should answer as thoroughly as possible:

Hmmm…. Those topics look awfully similar to something I’ve already responded to!

I’m just going to leave with this; Why the hell is anyone, ever asking questions up-front as part of a process, when the exact same questions will have to be answered a second time, even if they were already answered???

I’m not disappointed. I’m annoyed, on the brink of pissed off.


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